Workshops & Professional Development

Please note: Some services may be temporarily unavailable. Please call 937-303-1852 or 937-578-0094, or email for more information. Thank you.

All of the following services are typically provided year-round and by appointment only.



  • Participants in the "Dyslexia For A Day" workshop will experience an in-person dyslexia simulation workshop based on the research by the Dyslexia Training Institute. This interactive workshop is designed to create awareness and empathy for those who may experience dyslexia. The workshop includes reading comprehension, writing, spelling, round robin reading, and auditory processing simulations.  

    Upcoming Workshops: Wed., May 18 (5-8pm), Friday, May 20 (5-8 pm), and Sat., May 21 (10 am -1:00pm) at The Learning Cottage, Inc., 129 Damascus Rd., Ste. B., Marysville, OH 43040.

Graduate Credit for Professional Development

Fees and Payment Details

  • Fees at the Marysville location may range between $40-$600 per service.* (*Additional fees may apply for materials, scoring, etc.)
  • Payment is due at the beginning of each appointment.
  • Methods of payment accepted include cash, check, & debit/credit card.
  • For more information about sponsoring a student or purchasing gift cards, please contact Sharon.

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