What people are saying about the "Dyslexia For A Day" Workshop:

Sara: "Sharon does an excellent job explaining the world of dyslexia. This workshop is engaging and allows the participant to experience what a person with dyslexia experiences. The awareness this class provides is absolutely a must for all, no matter if it is a parent, grandparent, or educator."

Mike: "As a parent of a dyslexic boy, the information was invaluable.  Better able to relate and understand what my son needs and what he goes through on a daily basis. Highly recommend."

Melanie: "Every teacher needs to experience this workshop! It's informative about dyslexia in general, but to take a glimpse into the daily struggles of reading and writing is invaluable! I can't recommend this workshop enough!"

Michelle: "This helped me realize the various frustrations associated with dyslexia. My compassion level has increased and I want to know more about how to help."

Jami: "I feel like this class will help me have more empathy towards the students I help. It gave me such a better understanding of what they go through on a daily basis."

Barbara: "This was a great way to help me understand how a student may feel in my classroom going through this...Great examples and simulations of how learning is effected...Thank you!"

Amanda: "This was amazing. So eye opening and makes me view my students in such a different light...Also, answered a ton of questions!"

Tonya: "Great program!...I wish I could have had this training when my son was struggling. This would have been so helpful. Thank you."

Diane: "This workshop was very beneficial in helping me understand the challenges children and adults with dyslexia face daily. I highly recommend this workshop for everyone!"

What other people have said after receiving services from The Learning Cottage, Inc.

“Sharon Sheppard has the unique ability to stay keenly aware of the personal development of each student. She challenged my son and empathized with his personal challenges to learning… Mrs. Sheppard created an environment where he not only enjoyed working with her one-on-one, but he actually looked forward to the individualized attention… There are few teachers who make such an indelible print on the lives of their students. Sharon Sheppard’s passion for teaching fosters an eagerness to learn.”  — Julia 

 “I have found Sharon to be reliable, meticulous and consistent as well as creative and hard working. Sharon is a caring, competent teacher who exemplifies high moral character and integrity in all she does.”—Joyce 

 “Sharon tutored our special needs daughter. She was always knowledgeable about the education system… Sharon is very hard working and has a hopeful attitude towards those she is serving.”  —James

“Sharon was the Tutorial Director at a private school and was in charge of my daughter’s IEP. She provided a level of care and attentiveness that was well above the norm. She assisted my daughter in keeping up with her school work after extended absences. Not only did she help to keep her from falling behind, she did so in such a way that my child never felt overwhelmed or confused with the work load. Sharon gave her the confidence she needed to complete her work without placing undue stress on her and the two worked together as a team.  Sharon has a very professional, yet warm and kind manner about her that helps children feel comforted, and, therefore, allows them to learn more easily. We were extremely blessed to have her as a part of our child’s team!"  —Jennifer 

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sharon over the years. She has always made my children’s needs her #1 priority. Sharon is very knowledgeable, she communicates well to the students and is very flexible. We have felt blessed to have her working with my children!“  —Molly

“I have known Sharon for over 15 years now and I must say that she is one of the most passionate and dedicated people that I know. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to students and their reading needs. Sharon believes in the whole student and desires to help every student achieve their fullest potential. Not only does she strive to help students achieve, she also values and understands the importance of team collaboration when meeting the needs of all students.  I would highly recommend Sharon to any parent that is searching for a dedicated professional to support their child’s learning needs.”—LeAnna

 “We found Sharon to be very professional and thorough in her evaluations. She always took the time to speak with us, as parents and educators, and also with our children. She was comfortable assessing our forms of classical education, as well as, our “out-of-the-box” strategies. She is very tender-hearted and focused on the strengths of the children even when there may have been some weaknesses present.  Sharon was always willing to offer suggestions when we expressed questions regarding problem areas.“ —Trudi 

 “I have found that Sharon is up to date with the latest technology and teaching techniques. She is encouraging with her teaching advice. If she doesn’t know something, she spends extra time researching and finding answers for me. She is never in a hurry and she seems to care not only that my child is successful, but also that I am encouraged and strengthened as a teacher. I would definitely recommend her as a home school assessor.”—Susan

 “Sharon Sheppard, M.Ed. has been a blessing to our daughter.  Since starting with Sharon last spring, our daughter has improved tremendously. Her reading and writing skills are stronger, she is less frustrated at school, and her self esteem is much higher. She enjoys her lessons and looks forward to her time with Sharon. We enjoy working with Sharon and would recommend her to anyone whose children may struggle with reading or writing.”  —Amanda

Additional references are available upon request.